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IO Light - 3000

Product description

The decentralized fiber optic system IOL-3000 transfers switch signals, control signals and analogue signals via fiber optics.

Up to 8 digital switch signals (12-24VDC) and/or  analogue signals (0-10V or 0-20mA which are digitalized with an A/D converter with a resolution of 10Bit) can be transmitted via fiber optics in a point-to-point structure. At the receiver the data is re-displayed as switch and/or analogue signals.

The ruggedness to electrical and magnetic interferences, the potential separation of transmitter and receiver as well as ranges up to 40km between two fiber optic systems are important performance features for the transmission with POF, HCS and multimode or singlemode fiber optics. LEDs and optionally potential free contacts of a differential relay detect failures.

Technical data
Fiber types

POF 980 - 1000 µm
Multimode 62,5(50)/125µm
Singlemode 9/125µm

Fiber optic range

up to 100km, others on request


650 - 1300 nm

Status LEDs

Power (green)
Data reception (yellow)
Status (red)
Digital signals (green)

Operating Voltage

24VDC(10VDC…30VDC), others on request


Stainless steel, powder coated