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Product description

e-light2M is a 8 port switch that features ring function based on the Pathfinder Ring (P-Ring) with a recovery time of less than 300ms.

e-light2M is available with up to 4 flexibly configurable FX-ports and up to 6TX-ports. The Fast Ethernet switches with their industrial design are useable in a wide temperature range of -30°C to +75°C and are suitable for both DIN rail mounting and wall fastening.

The e-light2M management highlights are amongst others: Web Management GUI, Port Mirroring, DHCP Client, IGMP, SNTP, SMTP, port and tagged based VLAN, SNMP in connection with Web Management and RMON, quality of service as well as an alarm relay output for system events. e-light2M is suitable for POF, HCS, multimode and singlemode and allows ranges of up to 100km.

Technical data
Fiber types

POF 980/1100µm
HCS (PCF) 200/230µm
Multimode 50/125µm or 62,5/125µm
Singlemode 9/125µm


650nm, 850nm, 1300nm, 1500nm, WDM 1300/1500nm

Fiber optic range

up to 100km


SMA, ST, SC, FC-PC, LC, SC-Bidi, E2000


Web Management
Port Mirroring
DHCP Client
Port and Tagged based VLAN
SNMP, Web Management, RMON
Quality of service 802.1p
Alarm relay output for system events
TFTP Firmware for Update, Saving and Backup