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d-Light RS485

Product description

The fiber optic systems DL-485 connect field bus systems with RS485 interfaces. The optical networking offers safe data transmission and it is suitable for MODBUS, MODNET-1/SFB, BITBUS, SAIA-S-BUS and many other manufacturer specific systems.

This innovative system allows creating optical bus, star or tree structures as well as electrically-optically mixed structures.

The ruggedness to electrical and magnetic interferences, the potential separation of transmitter and receiver as well as ranges up to 40km between two fiber optic systems are important performance features of the transmission with POF, HCS and multimode or singlemode fiber optics. LEDs and potential free contacts of a differential relay signalize defective states.

Apart from ST, SC, SC-BIDI and SMA as optical connection types, E2000 is also available.

This system is now also available with the fiber optic monitoring technology FiberView.

Technical data
Fiber optic connection

ST, SMA, SC, E2000, FC-PC

Fiber types

POF 980/1000µm

Fiber optic range

HCS (PCF) 200/230µm
Multimode 50/125µm or 62,5/125µm
Singlemode 9/125µm

up to 100km, others on request


650 nm, 850nm, 1300 nm or 1510nm

Data rate

1,5 MBit/s

Transmission type


Connecting plug

9 pole SUB-D female and 6 pole terminal

Power supply (green)

Operating Voltage

Data (yellow)
Status (red)

12-30VDC, 24-60VDC, other voltages on request


Stainless steel, powder coated