Data streaming with S-LIVE technology

Today, data transfer is an elementary component of industrial operations. High-resolution videos and the transportation of very large volumes of data within a short time are two of the challenges to which we at eks dedicate ourselves every day. Depending on the application area, the solution may not be found in a conventional WLAN or LAN connection. S-LIVE combines multiple internet cables, thus implementing a continuously streaming connection which you can always rely on.

Working together and exchanging data within a team

Decentralized working is becoming increasingly popular. Teams in large and medium-sized companies work together on projects, even when they are not at the same location. Our S-LIVE system ensures that all the components involved work together perfectly. You can thus transfer high-definition (HD) image, video, and sound data at high speed, and have it put together again automatically at the receiving end. To ensure a permanently high transmission rate, we have combined the 3G/4G, WIFI, Ethernet, and IP-over-Sat standards to form a powerful unit. Transfer takes place simultaneously and in parallel over all available channels. Our system continuously adapts the bandwidth to prevent unnecessary delays occurring.

Security for production and administration through S-LIVE streaming

System and machine downtimes mean costs for you as an entrepreneur. Delivery dates have to be moved back and every minute counts. All components need to be coordinated with each other to ensure that all processes can run smoothly. This is where our eks collaboration system S-LIVE demonstrates its strength. Experts have the opportunity to discuss the problem and a suitable solution in real time, and that worldwide. No travel costs are incurred since everything can be transferred by means of videos, images, and sound. Moreover, the quality of the streaming data is so high that the smallest details are also revealed. Use S-LIVE to solve subsequent problems before they occur.

Greater efficiency and effectiveness – No problem with S-LIVE from eks

A company’s expertise is generally spread over a number of locations. When an order is placed which requires all this expertise to be concentrated, S-LIVE is available as the connecting link. The transfer of high-resolution images and excellent audio quality ensures face-to-face working as if the other staff members were standing opposite you. Locations, skills, and knowledge are merged, and transferred over any convenient channel. That is what the future of efficiency looks.

High-speed data transfer by means of streaming – But only with the requisite security

The topic of data security is extremely important, because when business secrets are being transmitted, third parties must not be allowed to access to them in any way. S-LIVE incorporates intelligent data splitting. This means that the information is split up and arrives at the receiver’s end over various channels. There it is put together again. This encryption makes it impossible to extract usable data from your network.

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