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Metal poles for street lighting or for traffic lights are omnipresent in public spaces. With the ultra-compact, modular and multifunctional Smart City System "PE Light S" they can quickly be upgraded to network nodes of convergent high-speed networks for real-time applications. Thus, goals such as more ecologically sustainable mobility, higher energy efficiency or additional municipal services for citizens and businesses can be achieved.

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At the same time, the Smart City system also enables economical solutions for classic CCTV applications (Closed Circuit Television). While the connection for surveillance cameras was previously usually installed in a weatherproof housing attached to the top of the pole „PE Light S“ can be mounted directly behind the door cut-out of the mast. This does no only make it easy to install and maintain, but also provides all-round protection against wilful damage.

Discover PE Light S

Discover PE Light S

The "PE Light S" is a completely pre-assembled smart city system that can be integrated into existing infrastructure elements such as light or traffic light poles. It can be used to connect up to four IP-capable devices such as cameras, sensors or access points via fiber-optic cables at gigabit speed, each with an output power of up to 60 W. Customer-specific versions are also available, enabling optimum solutions for special requirements

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