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Highest possible connectivity

Highest possible connectivity

  • Fiber-optic-based networking of IP-capable devices via Gigabit Ethernet
  • Open transmission technology standardized worldwide by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
  • Future-proof thanks to high bandwidth and real-time communication combined with long range
  • Plug-and-play connection of numerous components such as IoT sensors and actuators, Wifi access points. Routers, cameras and digital display panels (digital signage)
  • Maximum flexibility through the possibility of connecting components from different manufacturers
High economic efficiency

High economic efficiency

  • Use of existing carrier infrastructure by integration into elements such as light or traffic light poles, which exist almost everywhere in public spaces
  • "Ready to use" - completely pre-assembled system with passive connection technology and Gigabit Ethernet switch
  • Connection of up to four IP-capable devices, which can each be supplied with 60W power via the data line - no external power supply and no additional cabling required
  • Step-by-step broadband expansion thanks to the modularity of the system -first connection of the passive infrastructure (fiber optic cable and supply line) and later retrofitting of the switch
  • Optimal solutions for special customer requirements through customized variants
Low total cost of ownership

Low total cost of ownership

  • Simple installation and maintenance without an aerial work platform in contrast to classic solutions (e.g. for CCTV applications), in which the connection technology is installed in a housing attached to the top of the mast
  • All-round protection against weather influences and wilful damage through integration in the mast
  • Long service life thanks to robust system components, designed for industrial automation
  • Easy configuration thanks to an intuitive user interface that can be accessed via PC or via smartphone and tablet
  • High network availability thanks to fast ring redundancy mechanisms and extensive diagnostic options
Good ecological balance sheet

Good ecological balance sheet

  • Price wise there is no significant difference between copper and fibre optic cables, but 1 kg of glass is as powerful as 1000 kg of copper
  • Copper is a finite raw material on which various branches of industry depend
  • Glass fibres, on the other hand, consist of silicate, which is available in almost unlimited quantities
  • Furthermore, copper-based infrastructures with long transmission distances require significantly more active components than comparable optical networks, and therefore have a higher material and energy consumption


Efficient Fiber-to-the-Pole solution

Efficient Fiber-to-the-Pole solution

With the smart city system PE Light S existing carrier infrastructure components such as masts for street lighting or traffic lights can be connected via fiber optics ("fiber to the pole") and can be upgraded to network nodes of convergent high-speed networks that combine wired IP-based data transmission with radio technologies such as 5G. In this way, a wide range of smart city solutions can be implemented, enabling a more efficient world from which municipalities and companies benefit as much as citizens.

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