We take on the challenges of the future on the basis of our corporate history of more than 80 years. The aim of our efforts is to make life more secure. We are passionately committed to the idea of networks. This commitment forms an integral part of our activities and is deeply rooted in our corporate structures. Networking ensures similarity, creates trust and security.

Confident handling of the material provides the basis of our canon of values. Openness and a partner-like manner in dealing with customers, suppliers, and employees make us a reliable and dependable partner – and have an effect both internally and externally. Motivated by healthy ambition, we develop and produce intelligent solutions for a secure future.



As an owner-managed family company, we are free in our decisions. A situation from which customers, suppliers and employees can profit in equal measure because ultimately, added value is generated for everyone involved. Our path is marked by emotional strength and the search for excellent solutions to complex tasks.

The principles underpinning the way we see ourselves are consistency and understanding for others. This attitude has enabled us to develop partnerships on an equal footing, making us a valued and respected market participant. The confidence of our underlying approach provides the general conditions for open communication, guides our ambition, and permits forward-looking and secure activities.



We regard open dealings with all dialog partners as a prerequisite for longterm communication. Openness and friendliness in conjunction with respectful interaction are fundamental attributes of our company. The interest in new developments which arises from this ensures dynamic development and leads ultimately to intelligent solutions.

The combination of honest interest and binding communication enables resilient value-added partnerships to evolve which generate mutual benefits. Reliable activity – coupled with the aspiration for constant further development – gives rise to partnerships which are capable of competing, which will master the growing demands of the market and shape these in important areas.



Based on the foundations of a family company rich in tradition, our benchmark is success. Each day, we are motivated by the aspiration and ambition to achieve “best-in-class” solutions. These two factors promote innovative power, enable technical progress, and constantly open up the prospect of further development to our entire company.

Our passion drives us to focus all our activities on the success of our customers. A healthy dose of curiosity and creativity motivates us to go the extra mile, something that we like to do in developing our technologies. And in the process, we are not afraid of taking bold decisions when we are convinced they will succeed.



Secure products, secure applications, and a secure future – every day, we work with complete dedication to achieve these goals. Through the progress we realize in the development of tailor-made solutions, we also establish a firm foundation for our own activities. At the same time, this enables us to ensure that we can make full use of our innovative power.

Our economic capability promotes all aspects of security – and is supported by the long-term orientation of our corporate strategy. We view this philosophy aimed at sustainability as a symbol of reliability. In an open dialog, we are always trustworthy and fair in our dealings.

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