Industrial Network Technology

We have been producing industrial netwock technology components for our customers since 1986. With our customized engineering services, we have been impressing our customers for over 80 years as the best in class. In order to offer you as broad a range of product variations as possible, you will find that the fiber Industrial Network Technology has been split into eight subunits:

Bypass: The availability of a data connection is decisive not only for reliable production processes, but often also for protecting employees’ lives. If several error messages occur simultaneously, this can result in data transfer being interrupted. We prevent this with our “x-light” solution, an optical bypass which can be integrated into ring and line topologies.

Ethernet: To handle challenging applications in the industrial environment, we have developed the media converters of the e-light series. They impress with their compactness and robust design. The benefit they provide is that all fiber types are supported, and data can be transferred by means of bi-di technology. In the case of POF fibers, a plugless variety is even available which works with clamp connectors. A wide range of connection options gives you maximum flexibility.

Interface: To meet your requirements ideally, we have enhanced standards and developed special product- and application-specific solutions. At eks you can thus obtain high-quality fiber optic cable systems which interwork with all standard field bus interfaces. For instance, ProfiBus, CAN, Modbus, Modnet, RS232, and TTY, to name but a few. At the same time, you obtain products which remain constantly operational, even at high temperatures. Robust and powder-coated housings ensure the necessary protection in areas subject to extreme ambient influences.

Analog / Digital: The eks io-light series consists of DIN rail mountable I/O converters. These enable you to transfer analog and digital signals bidirectionally over fiber optic cables. Drives and lighting are controlled reliably with these solutions; a status message from the system is issued at the same moment. Depending on which system you have, you can order our analog and digital converters in 20 different models. They differ in their connection technology, fiber type, and signal type.

Passives: To make it as easy as possible to install a network, we include our robust eks splice boxes in our range. All boxes are fully pre-equipped for splicing and guarantee simple installation. Are you looking for a splice box which combines copper and fiber optic cables in one device? Then you should choose our FIMP-XL hybrid. This provides you with fiber optics for data transfer and copper for energy supply in one device. In addition to this dual use, our passive splice boxes can also be installed in places which are difficult to access, both indoors and out.

Accessories: What use would the best hardware be without the appropriate accessories? Here, too, eks offers you a range of high-quality solutions. These include the universal DIN rail carriers, which permit vertical or horizontal installation. Our portfolio is rounded out by various fiber optic cable types such as simplex, duplex, and breakout cables, plus rodent-resistant loose tube cables and switch-mode power supplies.

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