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Technology and high-speed networks enrich people’s lives and offer the basic requirements to enable us to communicate and work freely in both our professional and private lives. Availability and above all continuous operation are important factors in creating data connections, networks and entire infrastructures which a large number of people access simultaneously. There are many fields in which our innovative power plays a major role in enhancing people’s lives.

Automation through networking

Mechanical engineering is one of the most complex fields in the entire industrial sector. Here complete solutions are required which constantly operate reliably and which can be relied on. We use state-of-the-art technologies which comply with current market standards and also incorporate the personal touch of each customer and satisfy their requirements. To do this, we use redundant fiber optic solutions and thus increase security and reliability. The numerous protection mechanisms have short response times and help guarantee trouble-free operation above all in critical applications under extreme environmental conditions.

Our fiber optic cables are:

  • Permanently available, also in challenging environments
  • Intelligent and offer solutions
  • Holistic solutions tailored to the customer

Secure energy through technology with control mechanisms

eks views problem-free communication as a prerequisite for the problem-free operation of energy supply systems. Innovative solutions which consist of customized products and excellent service are in demand at the both control station and process level. System security and the redundancy of unnecessary operations are the focus of attention here. As a customer, you immediately profit from efficient cost structures and a system which operates perfectly even in the case of extreme temperature fluctuations and humidity. 

Our networks are:

  • Reliable and offer maximum availability
  • Cost-effective thanks to process buses based on fiber optic cables
  • Compliant with standards

Explosion protection thanks to optical data transfer over fiber optic cables

Optical profibus and Ethernet networks can be used particularly effectively in explosion-prone environments. There they ensure uninterrupted and high-speed data transfer and communication. Fiber optic cables are very frequently used in these areas because of their characteristics. Neither electromagnetic radiation nor long distances results in decreased performance. Distances of up to 100 km can be covered without any problem. eks develops its own converters and switches, which are already available in small batch series.

Our optical networks permit:

  • Secure data communication in  explosion-prone areas
  • Fault-free operation when motors are reset
  • The use of customized converters and switches

Security in the entire eks system

Data theft and manipulation are unfortunately topics which are ever more frequently a cause for concern. Security demands are constantly increasing, and call for professional monitoring systems. eks offers integrated and service-proven system solutions for every requirement here. With our technology, we guarantee the transfer of large volumes of data which various measures ensure can be transmitted from the sender to the recipient without any risk of tapping. The system is hermetically sealed from the outside.

Our networks offer:

  • Potential isolation and protection against tapping
  • High-speed audio and video transmission
  • Secure and high-speed transmission of data over long distances

Controlling smart buildings with fiber optic technology

eks is the expert for data transfer using fiber optic cables. For this purpose we offer our customers an in-depth mixture of performance, efficiency, and innovative power which results in robust and state-of-the-art equipment. Our systems are permanently available, unique, and at the same time designed in compliance with the relevant standards. All our products can thus be integrated into existing systems.

We offer you:

  • Comprehensive system management
  • Our support in having a network authorized and certified
  • Solutions which are customized in accordance with your requirements

Information technology from eks – High-speed and reliable

The value of a data center depends on the technology and in particular on the reliability of the technology. 24/7 operation places great demands on the function of the individual elements. The computing power, storage function and data transfer must be fully available at all times in order to guarantee the required processes. In addition to this, the eks networks offer numerous options for the future so that you will constantly be able to access your data, today as well as tomorrow.

Our systems provide:

  • Highest network performance
  • Reliability on a stable basis
  • Expandable future-proofness
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