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The world is networked, and each day the infrastructure for data is expanding in leaps and bounds. Secure and customized solutions are more important than ever before, but the focus at eks is also on performance. We offer you engineering services according to the “best-in-class principle.” Why settle for “good” when you can have “very good”?

Fiber optic cables: Why they are just plain secure

Short response times and numerous protection mechanisms in particularly challenging environments turn technology into a solution which is tailor made for you. There are numerous application areas. In energy supply systems in particular, it is extremely important that communication can take place without interruption at both the control station and process level. System security also has top priority when the environment is subject to major fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Fiber optic technology provides the perfect solution here.

But secure and constantly available data communication must also be possible in explosion-prone environments. Here, too, the use of fiber optic cables makes sense, since electromagnetic disturbances have no influence on their operation. In addition, distances of up to 100 km can be bridged.

Data protection: Transfer over fiber optic cables ensures uninterrupted protection against tapping

Data can be transferred and audio and video content streamed even over long distances. For this reason, fiber optic technology is increasingly used in the field of security systems. Parallel to their very high data throughput rates, our solutions offer extremely high security. Customized measures seal the entire system hermetically to the outside. It is thus impossible for third parties to access your data.

Data centers in particular are subject to a permanent load. They operate 24/7 and must constantly be able to provide maximum computing power and data transfer. This is only possible with a reliable system. Our holistic solutions comprising innovative hardware and user-friendly software ensure permanent data availability.

Customized software solution for data transfer, streaming, and diagnostics

e-mode is our innovative software platform which interworks perfectly with our hardware. This guarantees that you have full control over the countless configuration options, analyses, and maintenance strategies. You handle all this conveniently from your desktop or directly from your smartphone or tablet. You thus remain able to act even in cramped environments, because these devices can be used everywhere. e-mode operation has been optimized for mobile terminals, but is also possible via SNMP (Simple Network Management Interface) or via the web or Command Line Interface (based on JavaScript and the HTML5 standard).

If you were looking for a secure system for data transfer, streaming, and controlling, you have definitely come to the right place. Let our customized solutions convince you.

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