Software for the Smart Factory Standard – e-mode from eks

Our software platform e-mode offers you a great deal of convenience. Starting with an absolutely intuitive interface, through to comprehensive configuration options, countless features are available to you which facilitate your work securely and permanently. Thanks to the Quality of Service principle, even in complex networks sophisticated mechanisms which ensure your network operates smoothly are at your disposal. The final touch for e-mode is provided by the integration of mobile terminals and the associated responsiveness.

Control your network using your smartphone or tablet – e-mode goes mobile

Using smartphones and tablets makes a great deal of sense for many reasons. Managing complex networks is made considerably easier by employing mobile terminals. Particularly in cramped environments it is important that your smartphone enables you to utilize the same functions as e-mode offers you on a laptop. The user interface automatically adapts itself to the terminal concerned. This means that you can log in at one of the access points provided at any time, and enjoy a high level of data security thanks to the VPN connection. To increase your flexibility even further, you can access e-mode by means of SNMP (Simple Network Management Interface) or via a web application.

Complex software solution – Simple and intuitive control with e-mode

e-mode’s user interface covers a large number of complex control tasks in a user-friendly manner. Configure industrial Ethernet switches using your smartphone or tablet. Enjoy a menu depth of at most two levels, using easily understandable icons. If the software includes a function which you do not require, you can simply hide it. Simply concentrate on what matters.

Smart production and data security – A great team

Fiber optic cables from eks form the basic framework for secure data transfer within an IP-based communication system. When continuously high data transfer rates are required, detailed monitoring and contingency plans need to be created. All this is contained by default in e-mode. Link alarms with plausibility checks, have log files output in the desired format, and obtain information from your network by email or have it relayed directly. There are almost no limits set on your configuration wishes.

e-mode is tailored precisely to your requirements

e-mode is our customized software solution which perfectly fits your requirements for operating and configuring high-quality IP-based networks. Simple to scale and with the option of extending the range of functions within a short time, it gives you total control over your network at all times. Wherever you happen to be.

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